How do I create a meganav in Pipeline?

A meganav is a nested dropdown menu with multiple dropdowns under one item on the main menu.   Hover on SHOP on the [Pipeline demo]( for an example.
The meganav will be created automatically if you have a dropdown menu that is nested more than two layers deep. 
To nest a menu, give the child menu a 'handle' that matches the link text of the parent link.  This will tell shopify that list belongs to that parent link.
A meganav is just a dropdown with parents, children and grandchildren.  

Here is an example from the Pipeline demo:

Shop is a link.

Shop is also a menu containing links called Shaving, Men, Women.

Shaving, Men, Women, are also the names of menus containing links.

The Pipeline theme detects that these links and menus have the same name, and creates a meganav.

Ensure the list handle matches the list name

The most common setup issue happens when the child list handle does not match the parent link text. This can happen when a list is renamed after creation or when a special character like an apostrophe is in the name.

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