FAQ page template

Introduced: Pipeline 5.0

The FAQ page template in Pipeline allows you to build a Frequently Asked Questions page with accordion style drop-down options:

How to:

Choose page.faq as your page template in the Shopify Admin for pages:

When Pipeline is published, these page templates become available

In the Theme Editor, navigate to the page the template:

Choose the page you assigned the template to

Add Text blocks for each FAQ item:

Heading is the main title and link. Text is the content which is shown when expanded

Use Page images to add a banner image at the top of your FAQ.

Return to the Custom page template and choose Page images. Then, choose Add page:

Page images allows you to add a unique photo banner at the top of your page

Use Select page, choose your FAQ page. Then choose an Image from your photo library as a banner for the FAQ page:

Each page can have a unique banner image when using Page images in Pipeline

With Page images, you can associate a unique image to any of your Shopify Pages. Manage each image and page associate in Page images.  

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