Header Logo: Improve the size of your logo

When setting up your logo in the header space, you'll want to use a logo with almost no whitespace in the image file. If you upload a logo with whitespace/padding around the logo, you may experience a very small logo being displayed in the header. 

Using a photo editor like Photoshop, crop out all whitespace to make your image as tight as possible:

Once you've cropped out the extra whitespace, save the image as a .PNG

You can make your logo quite large as it will be downsized by Shopify when added to the header. 

In the Header settings, use the custom width options to adjust the size. You can experiment with different sizes here if you have a large logo. 

The Height settings drop-down will allow you customize the height of the header. With the "Extra Large" setting you'll be able to get the largest possible logo. 

That setting will increase the padding around your navigation menu items as well to accommodate the logo:

bc87c1a04db62fca88c50c16fb85c016.pngSame logo when set to Medium:
44e42c1fb95a250f888ec33091513887.pngThe key to making the most of your logo is a large .PNG file with almost no whitespace around the logo. If you have whitespace in your logo, you'll be restricted in how large it can be displayed and also clarity. 

Here's a link to our logo used in this example: