Image size for products

Product image size:
We recommend square dimensions like 2048 x 2048. Shopify has increased the size recommendation to meet the needs for 4k displays. To support higher resolution monitors try to use images that are 4472 x 4472. High resolution photos will look more polished and professional to your customers. For square product images, a size of 2048 x 2048 pixels usually looks best.

Product image ratio:
Using 1:1 ratio works best for product pages and collection pages. Your image can be as small as 1200x1200 or as large as 4472x 4472. Keeping 1:1 ratio will produce the best results especially on product pages.

Image format:
Save your images in .JPG format without any compression. Use 100% quality with sRGB. When you use .PNG images, Shopify won't be able to handle compression to serve the right version for the shopper's device. The result is a very slow loading site especially on collection and product pages. The result will also have a negative experience for mobile customers. Using large .JPG images will allow Shopify to handle the compression and display high quality images for your customers. 

Pipeline will work with images of any size and dimension, but it is recommended that you use product images with consistent dimensions, preferably squares. 

sRGB - Prevent color stripping:

For a smooth look, use non-white background-isolated images and set that color as the Product Background Color in the product page theme settings. This will allow your product images to bleed into the background.