Collections: Custom sidebar menu

Collections can have custom navigation using a nested link-list or standard navigation by collection, type, vendor, or tag. To use a custom navigation, create a linklist in the Navigation portion of your admin, and select it as your  Custom Link List in the Pipeline theme settings under Collection Pages.

How to:


Create a custom navigation menu

Create a new menu in the navigation editor which will be used just for your collections sidebar:

After adding your menu items, save the new navigation.


Choose the new menu in your Collection page settings

Open your theme editor:

From the top drop-down menu (1), choose Collection pages (2)

The sidebar options will change, choose Collection page (3)

In the Collection page options, choose the Custom link list option under Sidebar Menu:

The new menu will appear at the top of the sidebar:

Save your changes. 

Demonstration for Pipeline 1.x

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