Blogs: Create an alternate blog template

If you have multiple blog categories with separate articles within (blog posts with blog categories), you can create an alternative blog template to display a different featured image for the main blog listing index.


Create a new template file

Open your code editor:

In the templates folder, choose Create a new template:

Choose blog in the first dropdown and you can use alternate for the file name:

Choose the Create template button to complete.

Change the original code from:


Save the file.


Create a new section file

In the Sections folder, choose Create a new section:

Call the file blog-two

Choose the Create section button to complete.

Erase all the default code that's generated:

Replace with all the code from this file (click the link to view code):

Save the file.


Choose the new blog template for your second blog category

Open your Blog manager:

Choose the second blog category or the category you'd like to use the new template with.

Next, change the template on the lower right section:

Change to blog.alternate

Save the change:


Navigate to blog section in the Theme Editor

Before continuing, be sure to have a menu item created for the second blog so you can navigate to the blog category. Next, use the Theme Editor and navigate to the second blog.

Be sure you've navigated to the second blog category or the one you've applied the alternate template to. That's the only way to see the custom section options.

A new or different featured image or other settings be be applied to this blog category which is using the blog.alternate template: