Example: How to create Global tabs which are common to all product pages

Global tabs are common to all product pages. This is content is added once and instantly share with all your product pages. Local tabs is unique content to only one product.

For this article, we will learn how to add a Global tab which is shared with all your product pages.

Add Text, HTML or Page block to activate global tabs

Global tabs are very simple to create, these are configured in the Theme Editor's Product page settings by adding any of these three tab types:

Open the Theme Editor (Customize Theme):


Navigate to the the Product page settings using the top-left drop-down menu:

After choosing Product pages, you'll see the left sections area change to:

Click on Product page (3) to view Product page settings. Scroll down to the Optional Product Tabs section and choose Add content:

Choose one of these three Global tab types:

Tab types:

  • Text tab - No coding required, the easiest type way to add tab information for simple tabs.
  • HTML tab - You can add any html tags here except for scripts like Javascript. You can embed videos or forms here. Pictures can be added using the <img> tags.
  • Page tab - This one is very handy. You can use an existing page that you've created and choose it here. That allows you to manage the content of the tab very easily with the regular Page Editor.

Example of adding Page type Global tab

The Page type allows you to pull-in any Shopify page you've created as content for that tab. Build your pages here:


Page tab example:
(1) Tab title, (2) browse to an already created Shopify Page. 

Browse and select a page:

 You can search for a page (the listing options are short so searching for a page can help make it easier if you don't see your page listed here) or just select the page for your content.

Save your settings and you can now view the tabs on your product pages. 


You can add as many Global tabs as needed, remember these will be shared with all product pages. Global tabs and Local tabs can be combined together - A page with Local tabs will show both types. 

The HTML tab type allows you to easily create a Global tab with HTML styles/tags. 

The Text tab type is a quick an basic Global tab which can be used for general information where advanced styles are not required.

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