Use cart notes to collect information from your customer

You can turn on Cart Notes in the theme settings to provide an option for you customer to leave information regarding their purchase. For example, we can customize the notes to request a message or engraving:


Customize the message in the Language Editor

Open the Language Editor:

Use the Filter bar (3) and search for "cart note" without the quotes:

Customize the message (4) and save your changes. 


Turn on Cart Notes in the Theme Editor

Open your Theme Editor (Customize Theme):

If you're using a live/published theme:

Under Theme settings (1), choose Cart (2):

Turn on Cart Notes here:

Save your changes. 


The notes option applies to the entire cart/order. It can't be customized per item. For that reason, you'll want to be specific in the Language Editor title if you need your customer to add more detailed information.

The note will appear in the Note section of the order screen in your shop: