Text columns with Images: Image links

When using Text columns with images - If you'd like the image to be your link, then simply keep your Button label blank and still include a Button link:

(1) Add your image

(2) Leave the Button label blank

(3) Include your link


The image is clickable, direct link to the URL you provided in Button link. No button is shown when you handle the link this way. 

Custom method which provides both a button and linked image

If you'd like both the image to be a link and a button, you can create a custom section which will allow both.


Create a new section file

You can create a new template file to add this functionality. In your Code Editor:


Choose Add a new section in the Sections folder:

Call the file:


Use the Create section button to complete:

Erase all the default code that's generated:

Replace all that code with the code from this file (use link to view code):


Save the file.


Use the new section in the Theme Editor

You can now add this new section by using your Theme Editor:


When you Add a new section:

Look for:

Add the new custom section:

After you've configured an image and added both a Button label and Button link, both the image and button will be links: