Sidebar: How do I add a custom collection menu

If you'd like to customize your sidebar to have a custom collection or list of products, you can create a navigation menu and choose that in the Sidebar Menu -- Custom list list.

Quick Steps

  • Create a custom menu in your Navigation admin that will only be used for Collection pages. 
  • Open your Collection page settings and choose that navigation under Custom link list.

To create a new menu use the Navigation admin:

After creating a new customer navigation menu, open your Theme Editor. 

Choose Collection page settings:

How to find Collection page settings

From the sidebar menu, Custom link list - Choose Select menu:

Choose your custom menu to be shown. There is also an option to create a new navigation from here if you haven't created one already. 

Your sidebar will now include the title of your navigation menu and the menu items you created within:

This menu is displayed on all collection pages.