Password page: How to customize

Before you launch your store, you can display a password page to prevent anyone from seeing your unfinished site. If you'd like to customize the page, here's how you can access the password page settings in the Theme Editor.

You'll first need to setup a password, that's required for the Theme Editor to display the settings.


Setup a password for the store

Add a password in your Online Store Preferences:

Find the Password page section and enable with the password page checkbox. Add a password that you can give out to anyone that might need to preview your site:


Use the Theme Editor to customize

Open your theme editor:

You will now have an option in the top left drop-down menu for the Password page:

Choose that and the left section options will change:

Click on the left sidebar section option for Password page. The customization options will then appear:

You can add your company logo and a branded background image here.