Image and text: Alternate image or text position

Image and text can be stacked with alternating image and text content. Here's an example how: 

Add Image and text section multiple times. In this example, we'll use three Image and text sections:
4ade3b6105214690a21e3d111bd3d6f3.pngAdd the Image and text section in 3 times:

7f76eff2b0351416d97cb4c15c3df36c.pngThe default will have all three stacked the same:
2389314b434444b4d78d66a70d8a7d3f.pngWe can change the middle one so that the Text is first and the Image is second:

Use the handles on the right (this is the Second Image and Text section, we are now repositioning inside that section's settings):

97e3b50ce986e598b2efe7dea58e073a.pngNow we'll have alternating content:
Use the hight setting to make sure your content fits well on desktop (use the same height setting on all 3 sections).