Check your theme version

Currently there are four major versions of Pipeline. Version 1 was the primary release of Pipeline which ranges up to 1.7. After Shopify introduced sections in themes, Pipeline when up to version 2 and became a sectioned theme. Pipeline 3 was released in August 2017 and includes new features like tabs, sale tags and Shopify's new range pickers. Pipeline 4.0 was released in April 2018 and includes a major change with the file names. The current version of Pipeline is 4.3.3

When going through our documentation it's good to be aware of which version of Pipeline your shop is running. The easiest method to check your version number is in the Theme Editor.


Open the theme editor for the right theme

If you're checking the version number of your live published theme:

Start by using the Customize button to open the Theme Editor:


If you're working from a draft, unpublished theme (usually when you're setting up a new theme), the draft non-live themes are just below. 

Use that Customize link instead:


Use the theme settings tab to check your version number

In the Theme Editor, click the Theme settings tab in the left sidebar (1) and the version number will be displayed at the bottom (2):

Older versions of Pipeline

If you're on an older version of Pipeline, you wont' see the version number published. 

Click on the Theme actions button at the very bottom (1) and choose Theme info (2):

That will display a pop-up box with the version number. Example:

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