Text columns with images: Create a custom version with HTML support

Text columns with images has a Rich Text section where you can add links and information. If you need the ability to have an HTML button or other standard HTML code, you can use this modification. 


Create a new section file

Open your Code Editor. 

Quick link if the theme is live/published:
Open Code Editor

In the Sections folder, choose Add a new section:

Use the Create section button to complete. 

Call the new section:



Use the Create section button to complete. 

Erase all the default code that generated:

Replace with all the code from one of these files:

Pipeline 4:
Click to view code


Pipeline 2, Pipeline 3:
Click to view code

Save the changes.


Add the section in your Theme Editor

Use the Custom Theme option in the top right corner of the Code Editor:

Next, in the Theme Editor under Sections:

Choose Add section:

Under Text, your new section will appear:

Add the new section and customize. 

You'll notice the HTML area, this replaces the original Rich Text area. You can add your HTML code here. I've included a sample button which you can use or remove. 

Button Classes

Here are already styled button classes that you can use in Pipeline:


Need help with code changes?

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