How do I update to the latest version of Pipeline?

The current version of Pipeline is v3.1, if you're running your shop on an older version, you can update for free.

Shopify has update instructions here:

Tips: We've created notes to help Pipeline customers update:

Your current shop theme remains the same

When you download the latest version of Pipeline, you'll be able to continue running your current theme and also setup the new version as an unpublished theme. This allows you to safely continue running your shop without any interruption. The tips above will help you copy over your settings information from your current theme to make the migration easier. Once you've setup the new theme and ready to publish it, you can do so and your old them will still be available for reference. 

Important information regarding Pipeline 3.1

Shopify has introduced a new Nested Navigation system with full drag and drop menu creation. Previous versions of Pipeline can switch to the new Nested Navigation system in the Navigation Editor. Pipeline 3.1 only supports Shopify's new Nested Navigation. This means if you're updating from a previous version of Pipeline, your navigation will be forced to use Nested Navigation.

For that reason, you will need to create new sub-menu items within your Main Menu navigation. The first level of your Menu Menu will still be there, all sub-menu items will need to be created again. Previously, you were able to link other menus to create drop-down menus or Meganav. Now you'll need to create menu items within your Main Menu, then drag and drop under each parent menu to build sub-menus. 

Learn more about how to create a drop-down menu using Shopify's new Nested Navigation:

Meganav and drop-down menus

We've updated our Meganav documentation to assist with making them under the new Nested Navigation system which is used in Pipeline 3.1 and higher. See Related Article links below.

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