How do I download the latest version of Pipeline (upgrade your theme)?

The current version of Pipeline is v5.01, if you're running your shop on an older version, you can download the latest version for free to update your shop. 

New in Pipeline 5.0

  • Color Swatches for collection and product pages  - Learn more
  • Variant buttons for product pages - Learn more
  • Header layout styles, choose from different header layout positions - Learn more
  • Header navigation content, add images, products and collections into meganav - Learn more
  • Product page layout styles, choose from different column widths - Learn more
  • Product zoom, improved image zoom feature for mobile and desktop - Learn more
  • Inventory countdown.
  • Lookbook page template - Learn more
  • FAQ page template - Learn more
  • New in Pipeline 5.0.1
    • Minified CSS file has better comments
    • Supports Linkedin and TikTok icons
    • Index-richtext has alignment setting

Detailed information of new features:
Pipeline New Features


When you download the latest version, that will be a separate theme that you can configure and prepare before publishing. Your current theme isn't affected by downloading the latest version of Pipeline. The new theme will be installed as a draft theme, your live theme remains the same (safe from this download). 

How to update your theme:

General instructions by Shopify:
How to update your theme

Here's a direct link to Pipeline in the Theme Store:

Be sure you've done the following:

  1. Create a backup copy of your existing theme.
  2. Visit the Shopify Theme Store and log in. For paid themes, it is important to log in to the account that you used to buy the theme. This will prevent you from being asked to buy the theme again.
  3. Click Add latest theme version:

Tip: You must be logged-in to the account that purchased the original theme.

If you see "Try theme" and "Buy theme" options, logout and log-in again with the account that purchased the theme. Be sure the main button has "Add latest theme version". 

Tips for updating from earlier versions of Pipeline:

We've created additional notes to help Pipeline customers update and migrate their settings. These tips apply when updating from Pipeline 4.0, Pipeline 3.1, Pipeline 3.0 and any version of Pipeline 2.x:

How to copy your settings to the new theme:
Tips for migrating your settings and homepage sections

If you're running a first generation version of Pipeline, the process will be very similar to building a new theme from scratch. There are some tips we have included to help you.

Pipeline 1 users:
Tips for first generation theme users

Updating does not affect your live theme

When you download the latest version of Pipeline, you'll be able to continue running your current theme and also setup the new version as an unpublished draft theme. This allows you to safely continue running your shop without any interruption. The tips above will help you copy over your settings information from your current theme to make the migration easier. Once you've setup the new theme and ready to publish it, you can do so and your old them will still be available for reference. 

Navigation changes

Shopify has introduced a new Nested Navigation system with full drag and drop menu creation. Previous versions of Pipeline can switch to the new Nested Navigation system in the Navigation Editor. Pipeline 4 only supports Shopify's new Nested Navigation. This means if you're updating from a previous version of Pipeline, your navigation will be forced to use Nested Navigation.

If your site was using the old navigation system - You will need to create new sub-menu items within your Main Menu navigation. The first level of your Menu Menu will still be there, all sub-menu items will need to be created again. Previously, you were able to link other menus to create drop-down menus or Meganav. Now you'll need to create menu items within your Main Menu, then drag and drop under each parent menu to build sub-menus. 

Learn more about Shopify's new Nested Navigation:
How to create a drop-down menu using nested navigation

We've updated our Meganav documentation to assist with making them under the new Nested Navigation system which is used in Pipeline 4.

How to:
Create a meganav in Pipeline with Nested Menus

How to:
Create a drop-down menu in Pipeline with Nested Menus

How do I turn on dynamic payment buttons?

In your Product page settings, turn on the feature there. Start by using the top drop-down menu in the Theme Editor and change to Product pages:

Choose Product page:

Turn on the feature using the checkbox:

Save your Theme Editor changes. 

New Pipeline users

Many of the support articles reference files and links for assets/style.scss.liquid and assets/shop.js. These filenames have changed as of Pipeline 4:

style.scss.liquid is now theme.scss.liquid

shop.js.liquid is now theme.js

If you're following a tutorial or help article that references style.scss or shop.js, these links won't work in Pipeline 4. Use theme.scss and theme.js for articles that have not been updated. 

snippets/product.liquid is still the same. However, the add to cart form has been moved to snippets/product-form.liquid.