How to send a preview share link to your theme

When working with an unpublished theme or better known as a draft theme, you can send out a preview share link which allows anyone who has the link to preview your work/site. The preview share links expire after a certain number of days and are randomly generated by Shopify. This is a great tool for getting feedback from anyone who needs to view your site before it's live or to view a concept version of the existing site. 

How to:

From your list of themes, use the Action link for the draft theme:

Choose Preview:

That will load your shop's homepage. At the bottom of your page, you'll find these options:

Choose the Share preview button.

Use the Copy link button to copy the link:


Copy that link address and open a new browser tab to test it. The link will take you to the homepage of your draft theme. 

If you're sharing a link to a certain product page, collection page or any page other than your homepage:

Browse to the page you want to share (example, a product, collection or other page). The address in the address bar in your browser will now change:

Now you're ready to send the new link from your browser which includes the first share link portion and the page you're trying to share. Use that complete address and send by email. You can even send that link as a text message to yourself to view your draft theme and page on a mobile device. 

If you're sending the link to our support team, please send the entire link by email so can see the product, collection or other page in draft mode. If you only need to send a share link to your homepage, then the first share link will be fine. 

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