Modify SEO settings for products, collections, pages or blogs

Use the SEO section which is located at the bottom of each product, collection, page or blog posts to help customize what search engines like Google will index on your site. 

Example SEO modifications for an individual product:

Scroll to the very bottom of the product in your Product admin:

Click on the Edit website SEO link:

When the section is expanded, you'll have three main SEO areas to modify.

(1) Adjust the Page title related to your product. This can be used with you have extra or less information in the product title but would like to adjust for SEO.

(2) The main Meta description can be adjusted here. 

(3) You can use a better page handle for your product here for URL links. For example, image-test is not a good URL for Google to display or as a share link. Be sure to use hyphens to separate words in the link.