Checkout: Remove PayPal button or additional payments buttons

To remove the PayPal button or other additional payment buttons from your Checkout screen, you can use the following method. 

Modify Cart settings

The Cart settings can help toggle off the Checkout additional payment buttons. Keep in mind this doesn't always work as Shopify's Checkout is known to be inaccurate at times when handling this toggle option. What you will be doing is turning on the Show additional checkout options in the Cart settings. Once you turn on this option, in most cases it will turn off the buttons on the Checkout page. 

Under Theme settings, Cart:

Turn on - Show additional checkout options:

Again - You'll be turning this option on, be sure it's checked on. 

When you turn ON show additional checkout options in the Cart page, that will indicate the Checkout process not to show the payment buttons again. Shopify manages the Checkout, the theme does not have any control over the display. However, Shopify has included this feature - If the additional payment options are shown in the Cart page, they will be toggled off in the Checkout stage. 

Save your theme editor changes. 

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