Tips: Updating from Pipeline 2.x

Here are some tips with updating Pipeline 2.x to the latest version. With Pipeline 3, we introduced product tabs, product stickers, a size chart pop-up window and more. Since Pipeline 2 is a "sectioned" theme, we are able to easily copy over all your homepage settings, general settings and all your collections, product pages, blogs and articles, menus and pages. The following steps will help with your theme update:

Download the new version of Pipeline

In this step, you'll be downloading the latest version of Pipeline from Shopify. Follow their instructions for this procedure:

The newly added theme will sit in a section below your main live theme. This helps you differentiate your published theme theme from non-published themes. The big one on top with the preview image of your homepage is the live/published theme (your current and older version of Pipeline) and the ones below are non-published themes. Rename the newly added theme, it's grouped with the non-published themes:

You can now start customizing the " Pipeline New" theme while your live website is still running the older version of Pipeline. 

Copy your settings

The following steps will help bring over your Homepage Sections and General Settings: 

Step 1 - Copy settings from your current live theme

The following link will take you to your settings_data.json file in the Code Editor. This file holds your colors, fonts and other general settings. Copy all the code from this file:

(Select all is Command-A on Mac or Control-A in Win and then Copy is Command-C on Mac or Control-C in Win)

Step 2 - Paste your settings to the new theme

Next, paste the settings code to the same file in the new theme:

Open the Code Editor (Edit code) for the " new" theme, Pipeline New:

Important - Be sure you're working out of the new theme and not the one above which is your published/live theme.

Next, in the Code Editor - Type in " data" in the filter search box on the top left side:

You'll see in the " Config" folder, "settings_data.json". Click on that filename to view the code on the right-side.

Now replace all the code in this file from the code in Step 1. 

(Select all is Command-A on Mac or Control-A in Win. Then Paste which is Command-V on Mac or Control-V in Win)

Save the file.

You can now Preview your theme:

Final Notes

Any code customizations you've done to your old/live them will need to be done manually to the new theme. Some apps will require these customizations so refer back to their installation instructions to integrate with the new theme. Keep using Pipeline New theme -> Edit code -> Customize theme to make modifications and add/remove sections:

Once you have the new theme looking good, you can publish it from the themes list in the Actions menu:

How to customize collections, product pages, pages, blogs and articles

To update these settings, while in your Theme Editor (Pipeline New -> Edit code -> Customize theme), navigate to any of those pages and your left sections settings options will change. 

Here's an example on how to view your Blog listing settings (Blog page) and your Blog post settings (Article):

To update Collection settings, navigate to any collection within the Theme Editor and you'll see:

Sample Collection page settings:

For Product page settings, navigate to any product on your site (still in the Theme Editor) and you'll see:

Example settings for your Product page:

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