Settings: How to find settings for Collections?

When getting started with Pipeline, you'll want to explore all the settings for Collections:

Start by opening the Theme Editor

Choose Customize from the main Themes screen:

For a draft theme, use the Customize link for that theme:

If you're using a live/published theme, use the main Customize button:

Once in the Theme Editor, choose the top-left dropdown menu (1). Next, choose Collection pages (2):

Once selected, the left section options will change. Next, choose Collection page (3):

Here you'll find various settings for your Collection pages:

In the SIDEBAR MENU section, the Custom link list allows you add a custom navigation with menu items just for your Collection pages. This is handy if you want a very customized list of links for your shoppers. The collections sorting option displays a drop-down sort option for your collections. That allows your customers to view the products with various sorting. 

Example sort drop-down:

To set the default sort order for each individual Collection, there is a setting in your Collection setup:

Just below the Conditions section and above where your products are listed, set the default for each individual Collection:

This setting applies only to that Collection, change individually for every Collection if required. 

Save your settings in the Theme Editor

After making changes, be sure to use the Save button on the top-right