Settings: How to find settings for Blogs and Blog posts?

When getting started with Pipeline, you'll want to explore all the settings for your Blog listing or index page and Blog post settings. Here's how to find them.

Key terms:
Blogs = The index page which lists all your blogs. 
Blog posts = The individual blog posts or also known as articles. 

Start by opening the Theme Editor

Choose Customize from the main Themes screen:

For a draft theme, use the Customize link for that theme:

If you're using a live/published theme, use the main Customize button:

Blogs - Index of blogs

There are two main views in Pipeline, a grid view and list view. Other minor settings are found here as well. 

How to:

Start by choosing Blogs from the top drop-down menu:

Next, click on the Blog section on the left sections sidebar:

Here you'll find the main blog index settings. You can choose Grid or List from the Layout settings plus other settings below:

Blog posts - Article settings for each post

This allows you to set and modify the settings for each of your blog posts. 

How to:

Start by choosing Blogs from the top drop-down menu:

Next, choose the Article section in the left sections sidebar:

These settings are for the all your blog posts:

All blog posts (articles) share the same settings for consistency. Experiment with all these settings including the sidebar options.