Pipeline New Features

New in Pipeline 5.0

  • Color Swatches for collection and product pages  - Learn more
  • Variant buttons for product pages - Learn more
  • Header layout styles, choose from different header layout positions - Learn more
  • Header navigation content, add images, products and collections into meganav - Learn more
  • Product page layout styles, choose from different column widths - Learn more
  • Product zoom, improved image zoom feature for mobile and desktop - Learn more
  • Inventory countdown.
  • Lookbook page template - Learn more
  • FAQ page template - Learn more

  • New in Pipeline 5.0.1
    • Minified CSS file has better comments
    • Supports Linkedin and TikTok icons
    • Index-richtext has alignment setting

New in Pipeline 4.7

  • Added support for checkout in multiple currencies when using Shopify Payments. Customers shop and pay in their local currency - Learn more
  • Support for Store Languages apps - See apps

New in Pipeline 4.6

  • Product Media - Shopify now supports Video and 3D model files on product pages. This release supports Shopify's new product media formats. Additional details
  • Removal of Instagram feed. All theme-based Instagram feeds will stop working due to a security change made by Instagram. Shopify will only allow App-based feeds for Instagram moving forward. Additional details here:
    Shopify: Changes to Instagram feeds in Themes

New in Pipeline 4.5

  • Text columns with images now has video support Learn more
  • New location map styles and zoom control Learn more
  • Improved appearance of icon section text links with dark backgrounds
  • Fixed money formatting for currency conversion apps in add to cart pop-down

New in Pipeline 4.4

  • Transparent header options and Sticky header Learn more
  • New icon columns section - Easily add icons with text Learn more
  • Improved related products suggestions - We've switched the related products feature to use Shopify's new algorithm. Here's more about the new feature by Shopify: Product Recommendations APIs.
  • Added support for automatic discounts and buy-one-get-one discounts in the cart. Learn more
  • Improved all new single ajax cart

New in Pipeline 4.3.3

  • Improved tag filtering on the collection page. Now you can create tag groups. Learn more
  • Background video autoplay option for video section. Learn more
  • Featured images on pages using content blocks. Learn more
  • Improved height options for collections and blog posts on the home page. Learn more
  • Improved product layout settings. Learn more
  • Increase visibility of select dropdown on product and collection page.
  • Update look of footer lines and headings. Learn more

Video support in Text columns with images

New map styles and zoom

Options for map styles:


Zoom: Ability to change view with new control:

Transparent and sticky header

Pipeline 4.4 includes options to display a transparent header and sticky navigation:

Alternate logo setting to use when navigation is transparent:

Regular logo is used during scrolling with standard navigation background color:

Note: The alternate logo is required if using transparent header option on any pages.

Sticky header options:

Icon columns

Use icons with text in columns to highlight shop features:

Stacked mobile view:

Add the new section "Icon columns":

Setting options include background color, icon size, icon placement and text alignment:

Example with large icons placed on the left:

Dark background with large icons placed on top:

Add columns in the content section:

Sort order using the handle icon on the right, use drag and drop to position:

Example of content block settings - Choose your icon, icon color, heading and text details:

Remove columns from the content block settings as well. 

Automatic discounts in cart

Example - Free item added to cart dynamically based on automatic discount rule:

Example of automatic discount rule:

Automatic Discounts are configured in the Shopify Discounts settings:

Pipeline 4.3 - Tag Filter Groups for Collections

Now you can create filter groups based on tags that you add to your products. 

Example of Filter by Color group:

To prepare this, I've added those color tags to various products. The result on your collection page is a custom filter group:

The customer can choose "Blue" for example and only products in that collection that have been tagged with "Blue" will appear. 

The hide filters option allows the product images to enlarge with the extra room once the column is hidden:

Improved Video Section on the Homepage

The video section can now autoplay YouTube and Vimeo videos within the section. There's an option to autoplay video in background or show play button to overlay a play button like the original style.

Link to watch example video:

Suggested settings when using Autoplay video in background:

1. Check the Autoplay video in background option

2. Uncheck Show play button. Uncheck parallax scroll for better performance.

3. Optional: Remove the Heading and Subheading text if you don't want text to overlay you video. Keep those checked if you need text to be overlay your video. 

Suggested settings when not using Autoplay video in background:

1. Uncheck Autoplay video in background.

2. Check Show play button and Enable parallax scroll.

3. Include a heading and subheading to overlay your image.

4. Be sure to also include an image, that will be used when autoplay video in the background is turned off. Using a banner style image here allows you to showcase a beautiful high resolution image rather than a video thumbnail:

Add a feature image banner to any Page on your site

We've added the ability to add banner images to your Shopify Pages. These are done by using Content types in your Page settings and creating Page image links. You can create multiple Page images blocks to assign unique images to each page you like. 


1. In the Theme Editor, navigate to any Shopify page (the best way to do that is have a menu item in your navigation to an existing page). 

Click on Page images (1) to begin.

2. Here you can choose the global settings for height, parallax scroll, overlay and text color. These settings are shared with all pages that use the banner image feature. 

In the content area, choose Add page (2):

3. Choose a page that you would like to add a banner to (3). Here's how you link multiple pages with different images. Each page can have it's own banner image. The method to do that is by Adding pages (previous step) and assigning images to each page. So for our first page, you need to choose which page will have the image and then (4) select an image for that page:

Once you have completed both - Save the theme editor settings. 

Note: If you see a duplicate title, that's temporary. Once you save the page only the title over the banner image will appear.

Additional pages:

To link another page with an image banner, you can continue to add Page content blocks right here. Repeat the above steps to assign additional pages with images:

In the Content area, add another Page block for you next page:

You'll notice the first one we created is right above as the first block. 

Example completing three pages with images:

All other Pages will continue to display without an image. Only the pages with these content blocks setup will have a banner image. 

New layout settings for Collections

Now you can hide the title and description or even move them below the Collection feature. Example of the title and description left aligned below the featured image:

Height setting for homepage Collection list

A new height setting allows you to increase the height of your collection list images:

Example of longer images:

Choose an alternate image and link for homepage Collection list

The homepage collection list uses the feature image of your collection. Now you have the flexibility to choose any image and even link with the override options. That will allow you to have a feature image that works well as a banner for collection pages and a completely different image on the collection list section on the homepage.

Example of overrides:

(1) Collection remains as Surfboards (original feature image shown as thumbnail).

(2) New override image used.

(3) Override link can be used to bypass the collection and go to a custom page or product if needed. This override can be used in a situation where you'd like the customer to land on a promotion landing page or details of a collection. 

Blogs: We've also included the image override feature for the blog section on the homepage.

Product page layout options

New options to move the product description below the Add to Cart form and also the ability to hide the price that's at the top of the page:

1. Show price above product title toggle

2. Description position - Allows you to move the description below the Add to Cart button/form:

New Description below form option:

Example result (moves the Add to Cart and Variant options form higher):

Updated look for footer lines and headings

Easier to read headings and softer lines:

Older version: