Tag Filter Groups: Sort by Type using Collection filters

Product tags can be used to filter your collection pages.  You can use tags to filter by size, price, color, or any custom filter you need.

This example will demonstrate how to replace the standard product 'type' filtering with tags that use the same name. With the release of Collection filters, product type and product vendor options have been removed and replaced with tag filters. These provide better functionality because they can be combines with other filters.  The old type filtering could only filter by one thing at a time, the new tag filtering can be combined to filter by type, size, and color all at once.  

If you'd like to create a filter group which is similar to product types we would first add a new tag to our products. Open your main Product admin and sort by product type to group the products:

Now that we can see all products sorted by Type, we can bulk add a new Tag to similar product types.

In this example, I'll select all the "Womens" product Type products. Then bulk add a new Tag called "Womens":

Do the same for other product Types, give them a Tag that represents the product Type.

Then using the Theme Editor (Customize Theme) under Collection page settings, we can create a new filter group. 

The filter group will include the new Tags we created to represent our Types:

The Group name is the heading in the collection sidebar. Tag list includes the Tags we want our customers to see and use to filter by. These are the Tags we added to our products. 

There's an option to also "Hide filters by default". This will allow you to display larger images when the customer lands on the collection page. The sidebar can expand when the customer wants to start filtering. 

The same concept can be applied to product Vendors/Brands. Tag your products with the brand names and then you can create a filter group.