Social: Add a custom share image for social media sharing

This article is for newer versions of Pipeline.   
If you're on an older version before Pipeline 3.x, please update your theme.

Use this method to set a default image for your store which is used when sharing your store on various social networks.

Step 1

In your Theme Editor (Customize theme), use the Theme settings tab and then click on Social:

Scroll towards the bottom to the Share Image section:

Select and add a share image or change the existing one. 

Save your settings:

Step 2

Use these share tools to tell Facebook and Twitter that you have a new homepage share image:

Share tool for Facebook:
Click to use Facebook share tool

Share tool for Twitter:
Click to use Twitter share tool

Example of Facebook debug tool:

(1) Add the homepage address of your shop. Be sure it's the homepage and not a collection or product page. 

(2) Use the Debug button to start.

View your results. If the wrong image is appearing, use the Scrape Again button (3) to tell Facebook that you've set a new image. Be sure you've saved your settings in Step 1 before scrapping again.

If you're setting a new image, the time it takes to update all of Facebook's servers is about 2 days (48hrs). You may check again after 24hrs but it can typically take 2-3 days. Be patient if it's done correctly. Oversized images can cause issues so use a clean .JPG image that's suitable for sharing on FB/Twitter posts.


Additional OG information is included below:

This warning message can be ignored: