Newsletter signup: How to add as a homepage section

This feature is for Pipeline 2.4 to Pipeline 3.1. If you're on an older version of Pipeline 2 see the link at the bottom of this article on how to add this section.
Pipeline 4 has a separate newsletter section that you can add (more information lower in this article). 

If you'd like to promote your Newsletter sign-up - One way in Pipeline is to add a homepage section module (Pipeline 2 and higher).  



Step 1

Add a new section, choose " Image and text" (under IMAGE group):

Step 2

Delete the default second block " Image and text":

This section module has a limit of 2 blocks. By deleting the second block, will now be able to add the Newsletter block.

Step 3

Add the Newsletter block

Choose the Newsletter block:

Configure your image and newsletter block settings:

Finally position the section anywhere on your homepage.

Use the 6-dot icon on the right-side of the section to drag-and-drop into a position you like:

Save your settings.

That's all. 

Bonus: Additional Advanced Step

Add your newsletter sign-up section to your navigation as a menu item


To do this, you'll need to look at the source code of your page and find the section which has your newsletter sign-up. It will be a div with a unique shopify-section-11111111111 id. I use Chrome or any browser's inspector tools to find this. The section id will be the parent of a div with the class of "grid--full homepage-double":

When you have the section id, add that as the address in your navigation menu item:

With new nested menus, simply add that address as the link and a blue bar will appear for you to click on to confirm:

(1) Paste the section id starting with # in the Link field.

(2) Confirm by clicking on the blue bar.

Now the link will be shown, choose the Add button to complete:

Pipeline 4 and higher

A new section has been introduced which provides a newsletter sign-up without an image: