Instagram: Help with creating a new token

This article will help you if you're having trouble with creating an Instagram token for your theme. 


Log out of Instagram on the web

This is an important step. Many issues stem from being logged-in with a different account on which causes issue with obtaining your token. 

Use this link for

Click this link to reach


Use the account icon at the top-right:

Click on the gear or settings icon:

Choose Log Out:


Create your new token

Now that you've logged out of Instagram from the website, you'll be able to use the token creation tool correctly and with the right account for your store. 

Click this link for article to generate new token

From that article, click on the "Authorize on Instagram" link (screenshot example below):

Next, login to Instagram with the correct account:

After you login, you'll be redirected back to the Groupthought article page. The created token will be below:

Copy that entire number for your theme:

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