Modifying your 404 page

The 404 page in Pipeline contains a text message which can be customized in the Language Editor. 

The two fields that can be modified are:

(1) Title - Heading for the 404 page

(2) Main message (subtext)  in HTML

How to:


Open the Language Editor

Use the Actions button for your theme and choose Edit languages:


Copy the homepage banner image and create a new section

You'll find the 404 options on the main General tab screen:

Here you can modify the title (text only) and the subtext (title) which allows valid HTML. You can change the message and link easily with standard HTML tags. 

Save the changes (top right corner) and test the page. 


Test the 404 page in the Theme Editor

Open the main theme editor (Customize Theme) and choose the top drop-down menu, select 404:

Use the top menu drop-down:

Choose 404 page:

You'll now be able to review your changes from the Language Editor.