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  • Video: Add a full-width YouTube or Vimeo video

    This customization allows you to add a full-width video on your homepage. The technique uses the standard Rich Text section module in with the exception of making the content full-width. In this examp

  • Video: Add an MP4 looping video to your homepage

    This tutorial will allow you to display a full-width MP4 video on your homepage. How to: 1 Create a new section file Open the Code Editor: From your list of themes, find the Actions link for the

  • Thumbnail: Show a video play button

    This is an alternate method of showing videos on your product pages. This version allows you to show a video play icon with your product image thumbnails. Result: Since Pipeline 2.4, you've had the ab

  • Video: Add a gallery of videos to your homepage

    You can use a standard Shopify page to create a gallery of videos then then feed that page to your homepage. This article will show you the basic steps in creating the page and using the Rich Text sec

  • How do I add videos to the product image slides?

    Update: Pipeline now supports Shopify's product media formats which includes native support for MP4, MOV videos, YouTube and Vimeo streaming videos, 3D models GLB files directly. Please update your

  • Pipeline New Features

    New in Pipeline 5.0 Color Swatches for collection and product pages - Learn more Variant buttons for product pages - Learn more Header layout styles, choose from different header layout positions -

  • Pipeline 5 Documentation

    With the release of Pipeline 5, we have created a new detailed documentation with video and animation of Pipeline 5 features. Please find the complete documentation here:

  • How to add Google Maps to a page

    Use the share feature in Google Maps and copy the embed map code: In the page editor choose the embed video icon in the toolbar: Paste the embed code from Google Maps here: The embedded map will now a

  • Image with text: Add padding to top of first section

    Image with text (also known as Image and text on older versions of Pipeline) is designed to stack sections together and works nicely when you alternate the image and text positions: If you use a

  • Headings: Change font size on homepage sections

    This article includes many of the homepage heading elements. If you need to modify the font sizes or other font properties on the homepage, you can use this guide to make your changes. The article

  • Tutorial: Add a homepage section into a standard page template

    If you find the page templates very basic, there is a method to add a Pipeline homepage section into a regular page template. There are quite a few steps here so we'll show you how to add one section

  • Reduce padding above and below certain homepage sections

    There are some ways you can use to reduce the padding between various homepage sections. The default padding for most of the sections is 90px on top and 90px on the bottom. If you find that too large

  • Nested Menus: How to create a drop-down menu

    Tips on using Shopify's nested menus in the navigation editor. Shopify's nested navigation system uses drag and drop within on main menu rather than linking multiple menus. Here's a few examples and

  • How do I create a meganav in Pipeline with Nested Menus?

    A meganav is a nested dropdown menu with multiple dropdowns under one item on the main menu.   Hover on SHOP on the [Pipeline demo]( for an example. Shopify rece

  • Example: How to create Global tabs which are common to all product pages

    Global tabs are common to all product pages. This is content is added once and instantly share with all your product pages. Local tabs is unique content to only one product. For this article, we will

  • Tabs: Using product tabs in Pipeline

    Story theme link - Click here for how to use tabs with Story Here's an overview of product tabs and how to use them in Pipeline. Tabs can be positioned on the right column with the product